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Our Story

Desmus was found in 2012. Since then, we have been growing every year extending our services all over the world with offices in Istanbul, Athens and recently in Barcelona with a vision to expand into more cities in order to serve better our international customer portfolio.

Desmus consists of a large team of project managers, consultants and specialists such as; architects, acousticians, engineers and other sector specific professions from all over the world.

Cultural Architecture spaces are complex structures, and they need great experience to be designed. That is why we have selected our team based on their backgrounds  in venue management, theatre production, operations and design, to offer comprehensive services at all stages of each project.

What We Value

We respect ethical values and adhere to high standards to carry out our work correctly, while being conscious of our responsibility to our customers. We create unique work with each client, turning their dreams into reality.



We provide our customers with unique, creative, and free-thinking designs for structures.



We design visually appealing, contemporary, and aesthetically successful structures that reflect artistic values.



We provide quality service, work within budget and time constraints, adopt safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly construction practices.



We design environmentally friendly, sustainable, and energy-efficient structures that respect nature.


Social Awareness

We reflect societal values in our structures and consider the needs of society.


Respect for Cultural Heritage

We preserve the cultural and historical values of the structures' locations and pass our heritage on to future generations.

Cultural Architecture

Desmus is the founder of Cultural Architecture which refers to the design and construction of buildings and structures that reflect the cultural heritage, traditions, and values of a particular society or group of people.
These buildings often serve as landmarks and symbols of the community and are designed to embody the cultural identity of the people who created them.
Examples of cultural architecture include Cultural Centers, Operas, Concert Halls, Theaters, Performance & Sports Venues, Educational and commercial establishments, as well as Museums, Government buildings, and Other public spaces that are designed to reflect the cultural heritage of the community.

Our Team

George Andreou Chalas

Founder | Principal Designer

Ersin Çetinel

Partner | Managing Director

Hilmi Akdeniz

Partner | Finance Director

Alex Andreou Chalas

Partner | Regioanal Director

Ece Gezer

Principal Architect

Gizem Yazıcı


Yusuf Erbuğ Bengül


Begüm Süt


Aleyna Akgül


Ahnert Wolfgang

Principal Acoustician

Sotiris Psarras


Tobias Behrens


Stefan Trotker

Stage Engineering Systems Designer

Nuray Sarısaç

Performance Systems Designer

Vahit Yücesoy

Electrical | Electronic Systems Designer

Gökhan Aydın

AVL Systems Specialist

Eyüp Ertürk

AVL Systems Specialist

İsmail Erkan

Site Inspector

Emel Gürbüz

Office Coordinator

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