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Certification is an important process of verifying and validating that a system or product meets specific requirements or standards. The certification process involves conducting an assessment of the system or product against established criteria and evaluating its performance and functionality.

There types of systems certifications that we do, includes, Product Certification and Safety Certification.
The stages involved in the systems certification process typically include the following:

  • Pre-audit Stage: In this stage, the organization prepares for the certification audit. This involves reviewing the certification requirements and preparing the necessary documentation and procedures.

  • Initial Audit Stage: The certification body conducts an initial audit of the organization's system or product to determine if it meets the certification requirements. This stage may involve a site visit, interviews with employees, and a review of documentation.


  • Corrective Action Stage: If any non-conformances are identified during the initial audit, the organization must take corrective action to address them. This may involve making changes to the system or product or providing additional documentation.


  • Final Audit Stage: Once the corrective actions have been taken, the certification body conducts a final audit to ensure that the organization's system or product meets all of the certification requirements.


  • Certification Decision Stage: The certification body makes a decision on whether to grant certification based on the results of the final audit.


  • Surveillance Stage: Once certified, the organization must maintain its system or product to ensure that it continues to meet the certification requirements. The certification body may conduct periodic surveillance audits to verify continued compliance.


  • Re-certification Stage: Certification is typically valid for a set period, after which the organization must undergo a re-certification audit to maintain its certification status.

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