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Desmus Official Partners

DOP Program Partnership Form

Please read carefully, complete the form, and then submit it to Desmus before 31st of May 2023.

Desmus after your form submittal will research and evaluate the data provided and holds the right to refuse your participation to the DOP program.


DOP Program 
General Terms of Engagement


  • We use the products of every DOP if they are equal in quality, capacity, and productivity according to the needs of the project. 

  • We do not interfere into purchasing.

  • We do not provide price information.

  • We do not take or give offers. 

  • We do not prefer or like products. We examine, study, and determine technically our choices for every project.

  • We work in favor of our client.

  • We protect our DOPs from harming each other and we offer them equal opportunities to sell their equipment to our clients.


Desmus Responsibilities

  • Tender participation into Desmus Projects in a global level.

  • Exclusive Direct Access to many global governmental and commercial projects.

  • Promotion of your brand and products through our fair stands, marketing channels and publications.

  • Appearance in our website and through our social media.


DOP Responsibilities

  • Publish DOP logo into your website under the Global Design Partner Category.

  • Include DOP Roll Up Banner at your stand in the fairs you participate. 

  • Participate into marketing actions with Desmus such as Social media posts and PR publications.

  • Provide continuous education of your products to Desmus Team.

  • Provide design support of your products to Desmus Team.

  • Provide installation support whenever is needed to Desmus Team.

  • Redirect potential customers that needs early design services to Desmus.

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