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Innovations / D-Access

  • We create a walking ring of the same level connecting the stage with the row that is at the same level at the auditorium side, connecting all together with two corridors from left and right allowing us to enter and exit the stage without any level difference.

  • The remaining front rows between the stage and the walking ring are being submerged towards the stage with a maximum stage height of 100cm to 120cm.

  • The walking ring also has interconnections with side auditorium doors for better traffic performance.

  • At the connection corridors a handrail must be used to secure the passage from the front rows and carefully designed doors to secure the stage access during performances.

  • The D-Access walking ring can be integrated perfectly with the D-Corridor to create an immersive environment which provides flexibility, safety, and speed for 360 days operations of all types.

  • The D-Access ring also allows the production teams to move equipment between the stage and the auditorium with ease and speed. 

Desmus have designed and operated numerous auditoriums of different types and sizes for a long time now. This allows us to identify and solve many issues that cannot been seen with a naked eye on a drawing.

A great issue in many auditoriums appears when a guest needs to access the stage from the auditorium side. The height difference between the front row and the stage as also as the space left in between, ends up with very stiff stairs quite dangerous to be used in dark environments and impossible to access for wheelchair guests.

To fix this issue, we designed a solution that can be applied in some projects and solves the access problem between the stage and the auditorium.

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