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Multipurpose Event and Sports Arenas (Convertible Venues)

In today’s world, spaces that allow for different types of events to be held within the same structure have started to be designed and constructed. Whether this approach is a preference or a necessity is a question we aim to answer.

Multipurpose Event and Sports Arenas (Convertible Venues)
Madison Square Garden - ABD, New York City

Although the concept may evoke certain associations, it is worth defining: Multipurpose event and sports arenas refer to spaces where various types of events and sports activities can take place, serving different purposes and easily transforming to accommodate specific event requirements.

These arenas are typically designed on a large scale and are known for their modular structures. They offer flexibility in design, allowing for the rearrangement of the interior layout. The seating can be adjusted, the field area can be expanded or reduced, and the sound and lighting systems can be customized accordingly. These spaces are designed to provide excellent acoustics and visual experiences. In terms of technical equipment, the venues are equipped with advanced audio, lighting, video, and stage systems to meet the specific needs of events.

From a technological perspective, these arenas also provide a solid infrastructure to support various technical tools. Advanced equipment such as sound, lighting, and video systems can be easily integrated, and additional features such as interactive screens, Wi-Fi connectivity, and other digital capabilities can also be provided.

Multipurpose Event and Sports Arenas (Convertible Venues)
Madison Square Garden - ABD, New York City

What are the advantages of these venues that transform according to the type of event?

These multipurpose event and sports arenas allow businesses, organizers, and visitors to experience different events in the same venue. They also reduce costs and enable efficient use of facilities. Multipurpose event and sports arenas are usually located near city centers or in areas with easy access, which also adds the advantage of utilizing the location. Now let’s look at these advantages from the perspective of businesses, organizers, and spectators:

Advantages for Businesses:

Having a multipurpose event and sports arena can enhance a business’s competitiveness, maximize its revenue, and serve various customer segments. Additionally, it can help the business establish long-term success by strengthening its brand reputation.

Multipurpose Event and Sports Arenas (Convertible Venues)
Madison Square Garden - ABD, New York City

Offers Various Revenue Sources: Multipurpose arenas provide an environment where different events are organized and sports activities take place, offering various revenue sources. In addition to sports events, revenue generated from concerts, exhibitions, fairs, conferences, and other events can increase the profitability of the business.

Brings Business Diversity: It can cater to customers from different sectors and event types. By collaborating with sports teams, organizers, artists, corporate companies, and other organizations, businesses can reach diverse customer bases. This enhances the marketing and customer attraction potential of the business.

High Capacity and Occupancy Rate: These venues usually have a large capacity, allowing them to cater to large crowds and sell more tickets. Therefore, they provide a higher occupancy rate and revenue potential for the business.

Flexibility and Efficiency: Multipurpose event and sports arenas can be organized to suit different events due to their modular structures and flexible designs. This enables the business to quickly respond to various customer demands. Serving different events in the same venue allows for more efficient resource utilization and cost reduction.

Collaboration and Shared Resources: Multipurpose event and sports arenas encourage collaboration and shared resource utilization among different organizations, sports clubs, or companies. This helps the business to use resources more effectively. It also increases the potential for synergy among different brands and industries, reaching a wider customer base.

Brand and Prestige: Well-designed, modern, and multipurpose arenas can add brand value and prestige to a business. This advantage positions the business as a respected entity among customers, artists, and organizers, known as a preferred event venue.

Advantages for Organizers:

Organizers who rent multipurpose event and sports arenas gain the advantage of reaching a wide audience by providing a suitable venue for various events. Flexibility and modularity allow customization of events, while technical infrastructure and equipment support their execution. The high capacity and convenient location facilitate large attendance, and the convenience of obtaining services from a single location improves the organization process.

Multipurpose Event and Sports Arenas (Convertible Venues)
Madison Square Garden - ABD, New York City

Advantages for Spectators:

The advantages offered by multipurpose event and sports arenas to spectators are rich both emotionally and sensorially. Let’s take a look at these advantages:

Excitement and Enthusiasm: Sharing events with a large audience gives spectators a shared sense of excitement and enthusiasm. This collective emotional experience brings participants together and creates an energetic atmosphere.

Commitment and Sense of Belonging: Attending multipurpose arenas to support favorite sports teams or artists provides spectators with a sense of commitment and belonging. Shared experiences create a common point of interest among spectators and strengthen the sense of community.

Emotional Satisfaction: Watching live performances provides spectators with emotional satisfaction. Witnessing art, music, or sports directly can be a profound emotional experience and a source of inspiration. These experiences can evoke feelings of happiness, admiration, joy, or emotional connection for spectators.

Sound Experience: Advanced sound systems used in multipurpose arenas offer spectators a high-quality and impressive audio experience. Live music, speeches, or detailed and clear audio during events provide spectators with a rich sensorial experience.

Visual Aesthetics: State-of-the-art lighting and visual effects used in multipurpose arenas create a visual spectacle for spectators. Stage shows, video projections, and other visual elements make events more impressive and visually striking for spectators.

Tactile Experience: In some events, spectators can also experience physical contact or interaction. For example, enthusiastic chants among sports fans or interactive games with participants during an event provide spectators with a tactile experience.


There are complexes around the world that combine multiple sports arenas and event venues. Here are a few excellent examples:

Madison Square Garden - USA, New York City:

Madison Square Garden is a multi-purpose complex that hosts a variety of sports events and concerts. It is home to basketball, ice hockey, boxing, wrestling, and other sporting events.

Multipurpose Event and Sports Arenas (Convertible Venues)
Madison Square Garden - ABD, New York City

Wembley Stadium - UK, London:

Wembley Stadium is one of the largest football stadiums in the UK and also hosts concerts and other events.

Multipurpose Event and Sports Arenas (Convertible Venues)
Wembley Stadium - UK, London

Olympic Park - Australia, Sydney:

Sydney Olympic Park is a complex built for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. It offers facilities for various sports and events, including stadiums, sports centers, outdoor event spaces, and more.

Multipurpose Event and Sports Arenas (Convertible Venues)
Olympic Park - Australia, Sydney

Allianz Arena - Germany, Munich:

Allianz Arena is the home stadium for Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich football clubs. It is also used for concerts and other major events.

Multipurpose Event and Sports Arenas (Convertible Venues)
Allianz Arena - Germany, Munich

Singapore Sports Hub - Singapore:

Singapore Sports Hub is a large sports and event complex located in Singapore. It features the National Stadium, Indoor Stadium, indoor water sports center, sports science institute, and other facilities.

Multipurpose Event and Sports Arenas (Convertible Venues)
Singapore Sports Hub - Singapore


What does Desmus consider when designing multi-purpose event and sports venues?

Desmus designs multi-purpose event and sports halls by paying attention to the following factors:


It is important for Desmus to design the hall according to its purpose. They guide the design process to create a flexible and versatile space where various events can be easily conducted.

Acoustic Performance:

Viewing Angle:

Safety and Accessibility:

Capacity and Comfort:

Aesthetics and Brand Identity:


Technological Infrastructure:

By adhering to these criteria, Desmus’ experienced team ensures the functional, aesthetic, secure, and user-centered construction of multi-purpose event and sports halls.


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