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Archives Systems Design

Our specialized advisory service focuses on the planning, design, construction, and management of physical facilities dedicated to the preservation and storage of archival materials. Archives buildings, also known as archival repositories or facilities, are essential for safeguarding and providing access to valuable historical records and documents.

Key aspects of Archives design services may include:

Space Planning: 

Advising on the layout and design of archival storage spaces to maximize efficiency, security, and environmental control.

Climate and Environmental Control: 

Providing recommendations for HVAC systems, lighting, and other environmental controls to maintain optimal conditions for the preservation of archival materials.

Security Measures: 

Developing strategies for securing archival facilities, including access control, surveillance, and disaster recovery planning.

Shelving and Storage Solutions: 

Recommending appropriate shelving systems, storage furniture, and containers to ensure the safe and organized storage of archival materials.

Fire Prevention and Suppression: 

Implementing fire prevention measures and suppression systems to safeguard archival collections from potential disasters.

Accessibility and Ergonomics: 

Designing spaces that facilitate easy access for archivists, researchers, and other users, while considering ergonomic principles for staff working in the facility.

Compliance with Standards: 

Ensuring that the archival facility meets industry standards and best practices for archival storage and preservation.

Expansion and Future Planning: 

Providing guidance on planning for future growth and expansion of the archival facility to accommodate growing collections.

Technology Integration: 

Advising on the integration of technology, such as security systems, climate monitoring, and digital access solutions, to enhance the overall efficiency and functionality of the archival facility.

Archives design is particularly relevant for institutions, government agencies, libraries, and organizations that house significant archival collections and wish to establish or upgrade their archival facilities.

Our expertise in architecture, archival science, preservation, and related disciplines to ensure that the physical infrastructure aligns with the unique needs of archival materials.

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